Complete the Escalator and Skywalk work at Charni Road quickly. – Railway Minister


Mumbai, 30th September, Saturday

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has instructed the railway officials to immediately extend the railway facilities at Charni Road railway station in South Mumbai. On the demand of senior BJP MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha, the Railway Minister has instructed to set up the escalator at the Charni road railway station, in between platform number two and three. He has also asked to complete the pending work of Sky Walk immediately.

After the Elphinstone Road accident, the Railway Minister immediately arranged meeting in Delhi, of all Railway Board members in spite of the Dussehra festival. He also convened a special meeting in Mumbai along with the officers of the Western and Central Railways. This meeting was held at the Western Railway headquarters. On demand of MLA Lodha; Railway Minister Goyal instructed general manager of Western Railway Mr. A.K. Gupta and Mr. Mukul Jain (divisional manager of Mumbai division) to start work at Charni road station immediately.

MLA Lodha informed the Railway Minister about the problems railway passengers are facing. The major problem is that the skywalk from Sahitya Sangh lane towards Charni road station is not connected to platform number 2 and 3. Hence commuters have to walk a long way from North or South side to reach the platform. To avoid this, people cross the track which leads to accidents. He also said that the old Skywalk work has been closed for two months now; making thousands of people suffer a lot every day. MLA Lodha demanded that there is an urgent need to solve the problems of thousands of people who travel daily from the platforms of Charni Road.The Railway Minister assured to immediately start the work of escalators in between platform number 2 and 3 at Charni Road station.

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