Our Plans for Making Mumbai Great Again

In the three decades I have spent in Mumbai, I have had my share of success, failure, joy and grief. I have taken copious mental notes during my experiments with the ultimate truth – what is our purpose in life? Wealth, success, family and friends are an inevitable part of our journey called life. However, every journey has to have a purpose. Else we risk living like wanderers and watch the world succumb to hopelessness. I am reminded of something our most eminent leader Shri Atal Vihari Vajpayeeji had said “We hope the world will act in the spirit of enlightened self-interest”. This expression of hope gave me the stimulus to work towards my ultimate purpose in life.

‘Enlightened self-interest’ literally translates to philosophy in ethics which states that persons who act to further the interests of others ultimately serve their own self-interest. With this philosophy in mind, I began my service for people, two decades back. I am thankful to the people of my constituency who have invariably bestowed their faith in me and elected me as their representative in 2004 and 2009. In a few days, we have the 2014 state elections taking place in Maharashtra. Hence, I thought that this platform will be a good opportunity to present my thoughts and vision towards a better life – for the unconquerable and hard-working Mumbaikars.

Mumbai in all its greatness is the karmaboomi of many people like me. But, in the past 15 years, our city has been ignored by the Congress led government here in the state and in the centre. Poor infrastructure, complicated regulation and unplanned governance have been killing businesses. Traders are unhappy, the working class feels victimized and the entrepreneurs are disheartened – in short, a sorry state of affairs. Now, with Narendra Bhai Modi taking over as Prime Minister, and with a change in government imminent in our state, we have an opportunity. Now, there will be no limit to progress we can bring to this exceptional place and its people. Getting things done has always been my motto and I will prove it once again.

My immediate plans to transform Mumbai

  • Making Mumbai the best place to do business in India, through measures like repeal of Octroi and abolishing the excess licenses culture. This will ensure job creation and income growth.
  • Building a new link road that will connect Nariman Point to Worli, within 5 years. This will decongest Malabar Hill’s roads and reduce travel time.
  • Ensuring at least 5 new ICSE/SSC schools in Malabar Hill constituency, using the premises of closed or underutilized municipal school. In all 10,000 new school seats with preference for local residents.
  • Improving public security, especially for senior citizens, woman and children, through enhanced lighting of all public spaces, facilitation of domestic help verification, and a helpline for emergency response.
  • Focused effort on making all open spaces in our area better equipped, better managed and open to all residents.
  • Prioritizing environmental issues to make Malabar Hill a better place for future generations. It will be a community led program with features that vary from solar street lighting to increased plantation and water recycling.
  • Ensure that all residents of cessed buildings in Malabar Hill get new homes on an ownership basis by redevelopment, within the next 10 years, through reform of the present regulations.


I invite you to share your vision of the city with me and together we can create new possibilities.

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